The alternator is responsible for charging the battery of the car while it is running as well as powering the electrical system. So any problems with alternators can be very serious and damaging to your vehicle.

First things first, for all alternators we check to make sure that it isn’t your car battery for the reason your car isn’t starting. For more information on car battery issues, check out our page here where we explain in-depth what the problems attributed to it are. Once we verify it is not the battery, as the telltale signs are very similar, it will most likely be the alternator. Some of the signs your alternator is in need of repair or replacement include:

  • Headlights are getting dim
  • Starter problems
  • You hear a  “whining” noise
  • Battery is dead
  • You smell burning rubber
  • The “GEN” may be lit up on your dashboard

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, be sure to bring your car in for a checkup and get it fixed. Here at Harolds Muffler, we have the knowledge and experience to find and fix whatever problems you may be having with your automobile.