Can I Get a Ticket for Driving Without a Muffler?

I was driving down a snow-covered side street when I ran over a snow drift and completely tore off my muffler and the pipe leading to it.  I was aware that my muffler and pipe was quite rusty, however, I thought I could get by.  Now I’m driving a loud car with no muffler.  Can I be ticketed for this and does not having a muffler damage my car?

First, depending on where you are you could perhaps be in violation of a noise ordinance.  However, being cited for a noisy vehicle could is probably just an added fine on a ticket for something else like speeding or running a stop sign.

Next, if you have a regular vehicle, that is one without a supercharger or turbocharger, then your car’s performance is going to be worse.  The back-pressure the muffler creates helps give you more low-end power. In addition, the damaged or missing muffler could be spewing exhaust gas in places where it doesn’t belong. However, you’re not going to damage the engine by not having a muffler.

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