Car Engine Tune-Ups and Performance

No doubt about it, winter is here, and if  you own an automobile you may need for a car engine tune-up.  And something else, if you don’t make sure your car engine is running properly, you may find yourself stranded in winter’s cold.  Now is the perfect time to contact the pros at Harold’s Muffler & Auto Care.  At Harold’s, we’re more than custom muffler experts .  Harold’s is a full auto repair, tire, and maintenance facility. We stock only the highest quality parts to fix your car, and our staff is experienced & ASE certified.

Not The Same Old Car Engine Tune-up

If you haven’t noticed, the car engine tune-up has changed a great deal over time.  The term “car engine tune-up” is a term that is to this day used by many to describe a service procedure that is purported to enhance an engine’s performance.  However, with today’s technology, this term may be obsolete.

Asking For the Right Thing

There is no absolute definition of what exactly what a car engine tune-up should include.  Typically, it involves replacement of spark plugs and making other adjustments in order to maintain or restore engine performance.  There’s just not much that can be adjusted under the hood on many late model vehicles. Yet many vehicle owners still want a tune-up and believe this procedure is necessary or important part of their preventive maintenance.  It is likely the reason you’re talking about a tune-up is because you are experiencing some sort of performance issue.  What you probably should ask for is an engine performance analysis or diagnostic analysis.  At Harold’s Muffler and Auto Care, we will perform a complete auto diagnostic inspection of your vehicle in order to pinpoint the problem.  Then we will service your vehicle using only the highest quality parts.

Harold’s Muffler & Auto Care is a family owned business.  We are proud to have served Fort Atkinson’s automotive needs for over 40 years.  Give us a call at (920) 563-8453 or visit us at 1510 Janesville Avenue, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin 53538.