The importance of brake fluid and how to avoid problems

One of the crucial mechanical parts for the proper functioning of a car is the brake. If the brake malfunctions, the driver may lose control of the vehicle, which can lead to different types of accidents. Therefore, ensuring proper brake operation and checking brake fluid is necessary.

How does the brake system work?

For the car to stop, the braking process begins when the driver starts the engine by pressing the pedal.

The brake pedal, once pressed, causes the brake fluid to fill the hydraulic line, activating the rest of the parts, such as discs and brake pads, causing the vehicle speed to slow down until it stops.

In this way, the brake fluid is necessary for the braking system of the car. Maintaining your brakes is very important to avoid accidents.

How to avoid brake fluid problems

The brake fluid may end up absorbing moisture from the air, which causes it to lose its thickness. Also, when there is a problem in the fluid, it may corrode some parts of the braking system.

When well maintained, its durability is about two years or up to six thousand miles.

brake fluid change

It is necessary to replace the fluid after its lifetime and to make sure that the amount is enough to keep the system running correctly. Not enough brake fluid can result in the drying of parts such as cylinders and hoses, making the braking process hard and causing equipment failure.

Importance of Brake Maintenance

It is necessary to perform routine maintenance with a specialized team when replacing the brake fluid and to check the entire braking system.

It is also advised that the brake fluid level is checked every 30 days and that if you feel a delayed response or any problem in the brake system, you immediately stop the car and take it to the mechanic, despite the mileage or fluid level.

It is normally necessary to do a total overhaul of your vehicle when changing the brake fluid. In addition to checking pads and disks, it is recommended to note if there has been any corrosion inside and that there will be no leakage when adding new fluid.

Take care of your tires

It is important also to check the quality of the tires since it is the tire traction that will ensure better balance when turning.

Therefore, it is necessary to do a total review of the mechanical parts of the car and at the same time check the quality of other parts of the car, such as oil and tires. It is recommended to seek a place that offers all these services at once, and with the quality you need, to ensure your safety.

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