The importance of keeping your wheels balanced

Whenever you take your vehicle in to have tires put on and mounted, Harold’s Muffler and Auto Repair always balancesyour tires. Why, to make sure the weight is evenly distributed around the axle so the tire doesn’t wear unevenly.There’s so much about your car that demands expert attention. Having properly balanced wheels is one of them.

We place tiny little weights at precise points around the rims.

The wheels are checked on the balancing machine which is so sensitive to as little as 1/4 oz. difference in weight throughout the wheel. You may not think so, but 1/4 oz. makes a big difference when that tiny bit of weight, traveling quite fast around that axle many, many times per minute can create enough force to cause the wheel severetrembling. Take that andtimes it by 4 wheels,the tremblingcan really add up. Having unbalanced tires on your vehicle puts uneven tension on the tire treads. When tires get too hot they wear unevenly. Also causing strain on the wheel bearings and on the suspension.The uneven wear reveals the noticeable tread wear on your unbalanced tire. Harold’s highly trained mechanics are rated among the best in the industry.

Keeping your tires balanced

The instant you driveout of the station with your new and balanced tires, the wear and tearwill start with every corner you take, all the bumps you go over affects balance. Over the course of time, your tires will become out of balance again. That’s why you need to have your tires checked and balanced regularly.If you notice vibrations in the steering wheel, seat, or floorboard at certain speeds, then please come in and we’ll thoroughly check for wheel balancing red flags, such as a scalloped or erratic wear pattern on you

My tires should be balanced and rotated how often?

Typically, around every 5,000 miles you should rotate your tires. And every time you replace a tire they need to be balanced.

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